Joe Rogan Experience #1174 – Vinnie Paz


  1. Had to look twice when I saw this go live.. I thought no way Joe knows Vinnie…Vinnie seems like a solid dude among other things! Good episode!

  2. the more criminal people are, intelligence drops drastically. Vinnie paz is a fucking moron eehhh, you knaw what I sayin. A big ole dum dum.

  3. Duuuuude Joe……. you got some diverse people on your spot. Your a bad ass for attracting all these awesome personalities.

  4. sooo pumped to watch this one….Huge fan of Joe and Paz… never seen this coming…maybe happiness is more then just a word

  5. At first I was like oh and old boxer from new engled cool, then I was like OH SHIT he's about to get reinvigorated with the boss right now…my man

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