Joe Rogan Experience #1172 – Morgan Fallon


  1. after bourdain died. rogan said he was friends, then he said he wasnt close at all, now theyre buds again..
    joe just goes where the winds goes i guess….

  2. best food ? a great sandwich and coffee after 36 hours fighting a flood.

    2 am bbq.

    2 am breakfast.

    8am brisket taco with pico de gallo , that wasnt consumed at 2am.

    5pm smoked ribs before the big game.

    5pm gumbo with homemade rue, and homemade smoked sausage, that has been stinking up the house all day long, making me salivate so much that I had to mop twice.

    Mom's cornbread stuffing at thanksgiving for the first time in 5 years, after having it for 30 years in a row since before I could remember.

    chicken fried steak fingers (buttermilk) from a deer backstrap that I harvested and cleaned that morning.

  3. I'm 5 minutes in and the amount of times this dude is saying "y'know" is seriously, seriously pissing me off

  4. Joe, I disagree with you a lot but this show really touched me and you really got me here. I am an Anthony Bourdain fan and I am your critical fan too. Thanks for this show.

  5. Very distracting how often he says "you know" but really good ep for sure.
    RIP Bourdain.

  6. This was a powerful watch. Fallon is a great guy, and I can't believe Bourdain is gone.

  7. Alright ill say it, WaTF is on Joe's left eye. Got a big ol' juice pack perched up.

  8. Fuck Anthony Bourdin… Liberal cuck. How about we talk about the daughter he left. What kind of pussy ass man does that? "I'm depressed, my life is too hard!" Boo-fucking-Hoo!

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