Joe Rogan Experience #1171 – Nick Yarris


  1. I don't want to make too many comparisons but does the book of Jobe ring any bells

  2. I can feel his heartbreak and pain it's so intense.

    How sad 🙁

    love is the answer

  3. jesus christ. that makes me so fucking angry. im only 5 minutes in. hes not an angel but how can that even happen?@!!!

  4. This actually made me tear up. God damn. Human beings can be evil as fuck but then there's people like this guy.

  5. "I had a cannibal try to murder me for two solid years."

    This guy's story is a strange one. It feels like he's aware that he's a bit delusional and possibly all the facts and timelines are a bit blurry and bizarre, to us as well as him. Especially him believing he has slightly paranormal abilities regarding premonitions. Tragic story, but I hope his intentions about grace and politeness are genuine expressions. Great conversation

  6. Id really like to learn more about these netflix and hollywood billionaire types that thought it was ok to screw this guy over.

  7. Joe Rogan quickly intuited that this was not the ideal episode to riff on the aquatic ape theory

  8. This man is the most dramatic pathological liar JR has allowed on since DeLonge.

  9. Eight minutes in and this is the best JRE interview so far. I’m from Upper Darby. I had minor brushes with Philly law. Philly has a big problem. I left that shit hole & never looked back.

  10. I wonder Where are all The BLUE LIVES MATTER/ ALT RIGHT SUPPORTERS AT?

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