Joe Rogan Experience #1170 – Tulsi Gabbard


  1. looks like the comments are full of paid comments supporting gab, great job

  2. I expected to not like this interview but she seems genuine and smart and I'm enjoying the show so far.

  3. These regime change conflicts are not viewed as mistakes by the war profiteers.

  4. "Which child am I going to spend the last moments of my life with". The thought of that made my eyes tear up.

  5. I can appreciate some of her views but supporting Bernie is pretty idiotic.

  6. I can't believe she smoked pot with Joe "Joe Rogan" Rogan

  7. Deep State CIA Shill Joe Rogan sneaks in some budget Julia Louis-Dreyfus Democrat Psyop before the Midterm Elections, and all you Cuckservatives fold. The New World Order will eat you alive!

  8. Amazing podcast. After Abbey Martins show got canceled, its totally understandable why shes been popping horse tranquilizers and eating bon bons in bed. She just seems to be lacking passion, i think she needs a little float tank action.

  9. Libya was toppled because Giddafi was threatening to get off the US reserve currency, then that piece of shit Killary Clinton laughed about it "we came, we saw, he died"

  10. Two 👏👏 for her being a not insane Democrat. But👎 cause I still hate Democrats/Liberals all together.

  11. Here Joe Rogan showing again his Hillary hatred. Hey Joe, I've got a news for you – Hillary lost the election! and your president is Trump now. Are you happy now?

  12. I live in Hawaii, she’s complaining about challenges and issue that the state faces and holding leaders accountable, and Detroit too. Well, Hawaii hasn’t had an elected republican or conservative in like 50 years. Sooo…

  13. The amount of brain dead people in these comments that support a socialist like Bernie really worries me. When are you going to wake up and realize that we need centrists, we need libertarians and classical liberals not extremists like Bernie…

  14. Tulsi's definitely my favorite democrat. She's smart, well spoken, and calls out the industrial military complex.
    Joe, come on man I'm sensing you're fostering a bit of TDS.

  15. Tulsi Gabbard making Jim Dore as a sample of good media person? Jim Dore is a Russian troll. Perhaps this Tulsi Gabbard is just another Russian troll. She'll never go far I think.

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