Here’s why Dana White didn’t announce the UFC 230 main event at the Conor Khabib Press Conference.


  1. I think they're trying to decide of Jon Jones will fight DC for the LHW or HW belt. If DC is smart he'll do that fight at HW.

  2. Dana didn't announce it because Jon jones is too scared to sign the rematch with Chael P Sonnen

  3. Conor, Artem, Khabib, and Tito would have all tapped had Chael been on the bus during the attack.

  4. The guy asked "Who then" in Dana post conference and he still said "we will announce it later this week, no deal done yet"

  5. the only thing is Dana said 1000% it wont be Jones so I actually think that's out

  6. This may seem like a sht prediction but i think DC and Lesnar will fight at ufc 230, they were probably keeping it under the rug to not let that fight overshadow conor and khabib. If it's not Jon Jones then who is it? Who sells more PPVs than nate or Jon..

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