H3H3 Origins – YMH Highlight

Ethan and Hila Klein tell Tom Segura and Christina P. about how their YouTube channel got started. Did you know it took them 2 years to get 1k subscribers? The H3H3 channel has had humble beginnings and explosive growth, and Ethan and Hila are here to tell you how it happened… also a really funny tangent on the enigma that is Jeff Dunham’s career.


  1. I fuckin love these two!!! It bothers me that they've gotten some negative attention lately. So unwarranted and undeserved.

  2. Attempt at humor: ripping off Tim and Eric as well as Sam hyde, then throwing a bitch fit when he got called out for it.
    Ethan is a narcissistic scumbag and his podcast exposes him for the hypocrite he is. Don't believe me? Look into the drama he started with leafy and pewdipie. The dude acts holier than thou while his closet is full of skeletons.
    He calls jeff Dunham a racist while there is a video of him saying nigger faggot is his favorite phrase, then repeating it until everyone is uncomfortable.

  3. Nothing against Hila but why does she have a mic? Its like some sort of Israeli torture listening to this droning, dark eyed bore of a human being. Again no mas

  4. I dont care if they fuck up from time to time, i love these two.

  5. Jeff Dunham is so edgy, he masturbates onstage and gives his own puppet a blowjob, R.I.P. American Hero Jeff Dunham

  6. Cant stand to watch H3H3 but i like them better answering questions than steering the show. Respect the hustle though.

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