EPISODE 121: WWF In Your House:Breakdown 1998

The WWF’s business is booming after SummerSlam 1998 but Nitro is winning the ratings war. We’ll examine how we got to Breakdown, what it really set up, what changed about Vince’s approach to PPVs in this era, we touch on Jim Carrey and Jerry Lawler, Kurt Angle signing, the camps that WWE was running at the time, Hawk’s physical ailment nobody was talking about, wrestlers in High Times, Foley not taking more time off after the Hell in a Cell, Shawn Michaels returning, Tiger Ali Singh, what WWE wanted from Regal during this first run,

why Shamrock wasn’t a top guy, nudity on USA, Vader’s last PPV match, why Bradshaw didn’t get over here, the debut of Christian, the bump Edge took on this show nobody talks about, the Godwinns compared to Southern Justice, the silly Val Venis and Dustin Runnels angle, the tremendous promos from the Rock and Mankind, plus more details on Austin riding the Zamboni to the ring the night after the PPV! Don’t miss a look back at the WWE 20 years ago this week!


  1. This was the first WWF PPV I ever went to. I had been to house shows and shows at Maple Leaf Gardens, but never a WWF PPV. Got to see Foley fly off the top of a cage, got to see the rock, got to see Austin, got to see Kane and Undertaker… Owen Hart, Vader, Shamrock… It was a great time, and I'm thankful my dad took me.

  2. well its official this year alone they have covered alot of 1998 ppv makes me wonder about next year when they cover alot of 1999 ppv (the worst year of the attitude era) not my opinions.

  3. So if Conrad is having his bachelor party, does this mean he’ll talk non-stop about it on next weeks WHW Monday?

  4. Let's not be overly sensitive and limit the English language. The definition of abortion is – an object or undertaking regarded as unpleasant, badly made or carried out. Or the deliberate termination of human pregnancy. Using the word for its original definition in the way Foley did is perfectly fine. Its not your job to read the dictionary or pander to any listeners who may be offended by singular words.

  5. I watched this ppv last week, and I wasn't impressed with the whole show overall. However, it wasn't a bad show.

  6. Alright!!! Got me a little load from Anderson, sc to Monroe, oh for the weekend. Gonna listen to this while i drive my semi tractor.RASSLIN!!!!

  7. First WWF VHS I ever bought from the local video rental store. Solid opener with a young Edge taking on N.O.D. version of Owen Hart, coming out for the heat wearing a Toronto Argonauts jersey. Also features the debut of Christian who ran in for the distraction roll-up.

  8. I was at this show in Hamilton Ontario Canada. They would do PPVs here all the time now they don't even to live events in Hamilton just Toronto.

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