EPISODE 121: WWF In Your House:Breakdown 1998

The WWF’s business is booming after SummerSlam 1998 but Nitro is winning the ratings war. We’ll examine how we got to Breakdown, what it really set up, what changed about Vince’s approach to PPVs in this era, we touch on Jim Carrey and Jerry Lawler, Kurt Angle signing, the camps that WWE was running at the time, Hawk’s physical ailment nobody was talking about, wrestlers in High Times, Foley not taking more time off after the Hell in a Cell, Shawn Michaels returning, Tiger Ali Singh, what WWE wanted from Regal during this first run,

why Shamrock wasn’t a top guy, nudity on USA, Vader’s last PPV match, why Bradshaw didn’t get over here, the debut of Christian, the bump Edge took on this show nobody talks about, the Godwinns compared to Southern Justice, the silly Val Venis and Dustin Runnels angle, the tremendous promos from the Rock and Mankind, plus more details on Austin riding the Zamboni to the ring the night after the PPV! Don’t miss a look back at the WWE 20 years ago this week!


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