EPISODE 120: Unforgiven 2008

This is a sleeper episode! Bruce and Conrad discuss Ric Flair leaving the WWE, Freddie Prinze, Jr. coming in as a writer, the Mike Adamle experiment, the “independent contractor” lawsuit and debate, Ventura wanting Vince to back him for the Presidency, CM Punk losing the World Title on this PPV without ever even being in the ring, why that happened, why the business was down, Vince sending out feelers for a “WWE Network” (in 2008!), whatever happened to Manu, a young Cody Rhodes, who is to blame for the Championship Scramble concept, why it didn’t work, a hilarious Johnny Ace story, the on-again off-again Foley-McMahon relationship, Coach leaving, the mass layoffs in 2008, and of course the best feud no one talks about: Jericho-Michaels.

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