Do boxing fans want to see Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao 2?

Despite announcing his retirement, undefeated boxing great Floyd Mayweather announced that he was fighting Manny Pacquiao for the second time later this year. Chael Sonnen questions how realistic this fight is and wonders if there is enough interest in the boxing community to meet Floyd Mayweather’s guaranteed upfront money.


  1. The only thing I want to see Mayweather do is jump headfirst into shark infested water.

  2. Floyd showing Conor that he is active.
    Conor loses to Khabbib for sure and then conor vs floyd 2.
    Mark my words.

  3. But what’s this “Boxing Event” in Japan he’s taking about doing first? A tune up? Does he really need a tune up, if so?

  4. I don't want to listen chael talking about boxing boring fight i skip downloaded podcast i wana hear about mma lots of things going on

  5. KSI vs Logan Paul 2 is a more enticing bout than Floyd v Pac 2, and it's not even a real fight…

  6. I would've wanted to see F VS M right after the 1sr fight, manny was complaining about his shoulder injury effecting his performance, I'm not as into right now

  7. No interest at all. Though I used to love boxing I now find it unwatchable now that real fighting matters

  8. Something's been bothering me guys….it really bugs me that Chael is in Bellator yet he rarely covers their stuff. Why is that so?

  9. After that fucking disgusting decision not once but twice in the canelo and GGG fights I honestly don’t want to see boxing at all anymore. MMA only lol

  10. Chael is so good on the mic. If he would promote the end of the world I would gladly listen.

  11. Honestly I doubt this does much more than 1 Million buys Floyds days as one of the big draws in boxing are over he only did 6 Million last time because of Conor.

  12. No I won't watch it. won't pay for it. won't stream it. won't watch the highlights. I am a stupid Dick like the other people that keep flyoid rich

  13. Floyd Vs Pacquiao would be very dope if they had a rematch… But the real question remains…

    Just how good is Connor McGregor ?

  14. Exactly why would I get on a plane get a hotel spend money to drink and eat pay for tickets expensive tickets at that to see a boring fight

  15. Floyd should fight MMA fighters forced to box for a cool 80-0. It doesnt matter for americans 0 matters

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