David So | This Past Weekend #130


  1. Bring Corey Holcombe onto the podcast. Theo, Corey, and Joey Diaz together would be one awesome podcast.

  2. I’ve never clicked so fast in my LIFE. My two favs in one video 😫

  3. Theos feeling a little conservative sitting on that “right“ leather hitta

  4. Those shoes make it look like Theo just escaped from a hospital.

  5. just sittin behind this hay bale with a jahnt listening to this hitter. remember, anything can happen behind a hay bale. see ya in DC!

  6. can't take this chigga seriously with the lingo he throwing down, onward!

  7. @ 7:18 you'll see me!… right next to Theo's head,…get'n my shine on,…gang gang.

    Kind Regards,
    Curl Activator

  8. Good to see Joe Jitsu on Tripoli's podcast and David here. I just got into JKNews this year, but been aware of them for a min

  9. that hittah in the a.m. shoot that stepwife shine that light on me I want to tell you a story!

  10. Them pants mean david and joey coulda met so maybe hes coming on jk news … im prayin

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