Dana White had to strip Nicco Montaño of her belt…


  1. Could someone tells me who is holding the belt, Valentina or Nicco?
    Why should Valentina be scared of Nicco when she is looking to win the belt!

  2. There's no doubt in my mind now that he's fucking up these names on purpose to mess with you guys

  3. I'll do ya one better Unc, she shouldn't have been given the belt in the first place.

  4. Guy claims to be the best in the business and calls her "Montoya"…none the less, she bailed. Never wanted to fight the Bullet.

  5. Chael… My dream is to see you to do podcasts with special guest

  6. Talk about Tatiana! She’s a monster! The female Khabib! She’s the next big thing, IMO.

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