Congratulations Podcast w/ Chris D’Elia | EP87 – Triple Talaq

It’s the 87th episode! On today’s show, Chris talks about growing up, role models, and what it means to be a role model. Also discussed: Suge Knight, Bill Cosby, airplanes, Kopi Luwak (cat poop coffee), the triple Talaq, plus Chris answers a bunch of questions from Twitter.

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  1. no wonder muslim woman are so quiet and obedient. lmfaoooooo "ANTI Talaq!!!!" lmao

  2. What’s going on with Chris? He mentioned he is having a hard time is he ok? πŸ™

  3. It's very crazy to see him so emotional and vulnerable because we know him as an indestructible and "I don't give a fuck" type of guy. Very cool.

  4. Thank you for your podcasts Chris, they're currently helping me battle my massive depression

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