Congratulations Podcast w/ Chris D’Elia | EP86 – Get Gully

It’s the 86th episode! On today’s show, it’s story time! Chris tells a story about his friend after 9/11, a filthy story about hiking in Runyon Canyon and a couple of his favorite stories from the Comedy Store. Also discussed: Tekashi 6ix9ine, being a DJ, Sticky Fingaz, and spiders, plus Chris answers a bunch of questions from Twitter.

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  1. I heard from Theo Von you are rich as fuck is this true Leader and if so are you building a basecamp for the babies ?

  2. One size even smaller and you'll look like you have a prayer when you scrap with ya' boy Callen

  3. I heard Chris fills every other hole in his waffle with butter and the opposite ones with a single chocolate chip. Then pours half the bottle of syrup on his left nipple then eats the waffle.

  4. Of course your name is fucking "Dylan" – what's your last name? Dudical?

  5. Keep switching up the background props, just rotate them with adding new stuff from the creative babies 😊

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