Congratulations Podcast w/ Chris D’Elia | EP84 – Little Church

It’s the 84th episode! It’s Labor Day. On today’s show, Chris talks about ASMR. Also discussed: diss tracks, Mark Wahlberg and how he wakes up too early, the dystopian future, speedos, going into the ocean past your knees, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, Italians taking off the month of August (Ferragosto), & siestas. We name a new Elder and answer a bunch of questions from Twitter.


  1. me and daddy are vibin' because i just discovered ASMR myself, this last week! It's so fucking weird…..but i am addicted to watching it. It IS reallllly gross at times…..i can't watch those ones.

  2. Chris got real when he said I wanna say what I want to who I want people are losing their jobs because Rosanne said something that ABC or whoever the fuck didn't like they're even digging up shit from years ago to get people fired like it makes a difference this guy already made a hit movie while whatever he tweeted existed and all those pussies saw it more pussies made money from it firing him doesn't change shit gords run the world

  3. Also just sayin, no offence but who are you to grow up when your 44 and wear basketball jerseys?? Stop trying to look cool by subverting a white rapper as if you’re so urban. Don’t forget what you are: a little rich boy passing judgement on “trailer trash” that made it against insane odds

  4. ASMR is like Anime- people always find the weirdest, most sexual, most bizarre shit first, cause it's the easiest to find, and get immediately turned off. Understandable. Then later, someone shows you some actually good stuff, and people are like, 'OOHHHH…okay, I get it. I get it, now…"

  5. Why do you even listen to rap if your think the art of rapping is bullshit? Your eminem impersonation is just a voice mimic; it has no real deeper meaning. Just google lyrics any of Eminem’s songs if you’re confused.

  6. The best asmr channel is from an asian guy who makes knifes out of basically anything. Im not even into this shit and it got me hooked. The dude made a knife out of gummy bears, i shit you not.

  7. rofl epic stuff =D , you have to do Monty Burns pre halloween in tonnes of shops then nothing on the day! 1=D I've seen ASMR on Emma Blackery cuttin' soap [you have to do a video intro for her new album as if you are tony clifton/kaufman/M&M ]..freaky dangerous & weirdly enticing !

  8. Chris, I'm not kidding, I seriously got ASMR when you were jokingly doing it. It's real.

  9. And you're telling jokes are you a jester for the king are you a class clown are you sad an lonely cuz you only get attention online not at home an you're over 30

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