Canelo vs. GGG 2 Breakdown | BELOW THE BELT with Brendan Schaub

Brendan gives his round by round takes from the epic rematch between Canelo and GGG.

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  1. What Tyson and Canelo dont understand is the public doesnt care if you lose… what the public loves is that you are willing to put it on the line against someone as good as you and if you lose we still love & respect that wow you gave us a classic fight!! Holyfield always knew that.. win, lose or draw you got your moneys worth!!

    Canelo wants to say quick I won.. now lets run far far away from GGG because I might have lost or I dont want a 3rd fight because I might lose.. Fuck legacy when its padded or planned out. Legacy is great when you took chances and fought everyone and everyone a million times.. Thats what makes you great, not if you win every fight its more that you had the balls to step up to that line and you even think you might lose, but you still TRY!!

    Fuck Mayweather for waitng for the perfect time to fight a already peaked Manny… Sugar Ray, Hearns, Hagler, Duran fought each other every other year.

    Fuck Tyson for never fighting Douglas again & ducking Foreman, Holyfield 4 times until he thought he was shot..

    Fuck anyone thinking of One Man PPV Events for your fans to watch with the outcome being secondary because we know its just a decent fighter your fighting.

    Arturo Gotti was a beast! Win Lose OR Draw you saw something special

  2. What is the point of the third fight? We saw age factor played big role in the rematch….Next year Golovkin will be 37, Canelo is still developing as a fighter….I think its quite obvious that Golovkins chances to win in the 3d fight decrease from month to month. And I am not so sure if Canelo would agree to fight outside of Vegas, which is crucial for an objective judge decision.

  3. Ggg was jabbing to much while canelo was landing power shots, your better off landing 5 power shots than 10 jabs. Jabs arent effective without anything behind them

  4. why are you talking like jabs aint shit. the jab is the most important strike in boxing.

  5. Brandon you are 100% right I had it eight rounds to four for GGG copy box numbers don’t lie. And what happened to the age old axiom that you never strip or unified champion of all of his belt when the champion wobbled the other opponent in at least three rounds and almost put him down in one of the rounds And by the accounts of 95% of the people scoring and I pressed row won the fight. There used to be an axiom that said that you never strip are unified champion in a decision unless the opponent clearly dominated the champion it knocked him down, hurt him or very clearly won the fight. Because of this I will never watch boxing again it is not a legitimate sport it’s a performance where corrupt judges and promoters annoying to the The winter it’s disgusting. I’ll stick to MMA where at least 80% of the fights and in a knockout or a submission and we don’t have to worry about disgusting corrupt judges and promoters fixing fights Anybody that thinks CCC Clen-lo Con Clenbuterol is just simply in Intellectually not honest with themselves, Never again will I watch boxing again it’s on par with figure skating

  6. Watch the fight like 4 times and youll see Canelo won by a mile. GGG miss a lot like the first fight too

  7. It was a majority decision, not unanimous, it's like everyone is finding a way to be mad at the judges that all happened to be hand picked by GGG team including Dave Moretti who judged the first fight a gave GGG the victory on his scorecard and this time gave it to Canelo which shows he favors the aggression and power punches over just jabbing all day.

  8. I didn't have the round by round breakdown the same but I thought early Canelo then went to GGG but I had it completly even going into the 12th. Would have been fine with either winning but I think Canelo edged him out in the 12th

  9. MMA fighters/fans don't know how to score boxing matches. Canelo clearly won this fight, it wasn't even close.

  10. Wabbles Canelo? WTF fight were you watching! Just look at their faces in the post fight. And in between rounds who was already out of breath ? ggg was. Who wore sunglasses to hide that ass whoppen?

  11. so schuab basically just said the judges are corrupt and paid by golden boy to lean close rounds to canelo? are u fuckkin kidding me??? #ShowtimeShill

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