Brendan Schaub | This Past Weekend #134


  1. I can tell Brendan is getting tired of the made up stories Theo tells..still love it tho

  2. That drinking game sounds like a true shit steak! Who would pay 20$ to say things that would upset a baby πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

  3. Bee Sting🐝 and the Rat kingπŸ€
    More iconic duo…..nope

  4. I dont think Brendan can widdle Theo down to nothing like he has Callen..Pour Callen looks scared to talk because schaub will shoot him down no matter what topics Callen has such a good heart he just lets it happen…Theo will be able to always go back at him ..Brendan will start out humble and then try to start dominating the convo..If you watch the early fighter and kids Brendan had such respect for Bryan..It went away right around the sametime he started crossing his legs!…I still enjoy watching, and think the new podcast will be refreshing as long as its always goofy !Looking forward to the Sting and the king!

  5. What happened to JK news member who was supposed to be on your podcast? (The guy besides David)

  6. boom!
    sting and king podcast ask and you shall receive bruh gang gang

    as Brendan would say

    i’ll fux with dat

  7. Theo and Brendan roasting each other gets me every single time. Best combo in the podcast world

  8. Theo von looks like a character for king of the hill lol

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