Boxing is painfully boring, but GGG vs Canelo delivered


  1. They all say its not a robbery…but I have yet to find any analyst or podcast to say they think canelo won the fight..they all had ggg winning. That's saying something

  2. Anthony Joshua vs deontay wilder will be amazing prob the biggest boxing match in along time aj is the hugest star in boxing but wilder is very dangerous most definitely the hardest puncher in boxing

  3. you know full well triple G won both fights not even close

  4. And so the question remains as good as conor McGregor is, would he get in the hole

  5. "painfully boring" says the guy who lays on top of guys doing nothing for 15 minutes…

  6. Hoping Chael releases a fragrance called ‘The scent of Chael’ so I can buy it for my mother this Christmas

  7. Met Chael outside MGM before Mcgregor aldo 194 – he said the Brazilian is here and now he’s to pay the price for running. Cool guy in person too

  8. Many fans and pros believes it’s either a draw or GGG. Thats mean once agin GGG was robbed.

  9. "Boxing is painfully boring" Coming from the guy that has no boxing, no submission skills, weak ground n pound and the only time finishes a fight is when he gets submitted..

  10. Would it be fair to say that hooks and straights are harder shots than a jab in most cases?

  11. Punishment is punishment….Car wrecks are car wrecks….Professional Boxing exacts an too much punishment…Fighters are allowed back to their feet after being “hurt”….They are given time to “recover”…..Well, good luck with the recovery thing 20 years on….Concussions never go away⚫️☠️⚫️

  12. How do you quantify who was landing the harder shots? Wow, this did not need a 5 minute tangent. Just watch Mike Tyson and then watch Tyson Fury, there is your answer. It was pretty clear Canelo was landing the harder shots, as Golovkin mostly threw jabs. Also it is pretty much the consensus amongst boxing experts that Canelo landed the harder shots more frequently. That and the compubox had him landing more power punches.

  13. Well said, boxing is mostly dead apart from a few current matchups

  14. Correction! MMA is boring, nothing worse than seeing grown men swing like girls and gassing out in the 1st rd. MMA viewership is declining

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