Bert Kreischer | This Past Weekend #128


  1. Wow now that is got to be the best friend you could ever have LOL holding ya up for you lol. Now that is legit the opposite of a cock-blocker LMAO.

  2. Oh man that is too funny the two white people pretending that their child is black that was rough on the father what did he say oh yeah he just got a really good tan rate from birth LOL reminds me of the classic movie Me Myself and Irene LOL.

  3. Why does Theo look like a lesbian working fair rides and Bert looks like he shows up to lil kid birthday party’s drunk either as a pirate or a clown and passes out in the punch

  4. "God spoke to me" get the fuck outta here😂 these religous people are fucking psychos.

  5. if whitney cummings cant detect AND take a joke, she needs to find a new career

  6. "it was the first day after new years eve" lmfao burnt

  7. This podcast is really growing on me. Bert is pretty cool want to listen to some of his Rogan appearances

  8. Don't talk about Owen Benjamin,.. careful you guys have important big deals lined up so you gotta "watch what you say"

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