Bellator 206 Results: Gegard Mousasi vs. Rory MacDonald | Post-Fight Special | Luke Thomas

At Bellator 206…


Rampage Jackson evened the score against Wanderlei Silva, Douglas Lima turned things around opposite Andrey Koreshkov, Aaron Pico looked like MMA’s next big star and more. This is my Bellator 206 post-fight special.

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  1. you would almost think that Luke is a former fighter by the way he talks abt fighting…..

  2. Pico/Higo stoppage was way too late, not sure what the ref was waiting for.

  3. Yeah, Mr. Mousasi put a LEGIT beating on Rory McDonald. Jesus, that wasn't anything resembling close. Wasn't expecting it to be that one-sided at all. The card as a whole was entertaining as hell. Excellent fights all around; although I thought Mrs.Melendez would've had an easier go of it.

  4. that looked like a man bullying his little brother! was not even a challenge! i think Gegard would smoke robert!! moos is a beast!

  5. 3 yrs ago the masses never heard drama in gyms. The work spoke for itself. That’s IMO stars why stars are now clearly manufactured. the come up stars , and legends of yesteryear are having career issues. It’s a shame. MMA is quickly becoming boxing.

  6. The question is what comes now for the fans post rampage v the axe murder IV? It’s not a Rocky movie… it’s more like and old timers game in preseason baseball.

  7. People need to give the dreamcatcher more respect. He’s always been one of the best in the world.

  8. Jesus, I hate when someone is stealing my time, but boy I've had enough with Luke Thomas, just rambling about shit for no reason, it takes you 5 minutes to start a fucking sentence that has something to do with the theme of the video, are you crazy or something?
    I just get that vibe, that you just like to hear yourself talk, and thats it.
    Every conclusion shouldn't be guarded with 100 exuses for the point that you are making, just state your opinion amd move on, you would not please everyone, by guarding your opinion with "evidence" .

  9. It’s about time for 50k! That sun number baffles me. I’ve been following for 2yrs and never even noticed!

  10. Bet you we'll be hearing from nick diaz soon. About how mousasi sucks and that he'd beat them both

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