After The (MMA) Beat – Episode 204


  1. Speaking of guys that have faded out: Sean Sherk I always wonder about.

  2. Great fight win celebrations:

    Sage Northcutt’s surreal front-flip after his first win
    Ryan Jimmo’s robot into the splits after his 7 second KO
    Derrick Lewis’s “Black Beast” celebration

  3. Thank you to the man in the hat for FINALLY saying True Lies. These f*ckin' amateurs.

  4. How could you not mention Tito Ortiz when talking about who's got the best win celebration?

  5. Rocky Balboa beat Tommy "The Macine" Gun in a Vale Tudo fight in the Philly streets…

  6. I would like to see a UFC vs The World card. You rematch Mcdonald vs Woodley, other top champions from other leagues against other top UFC fighters. I think the card would be great and sale.

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