20 pounds is a lot to lose in 3 days…


  1. “They see my video, I’m trolling. That’s right, it’s your boy Cheal P. Sonnen.”

  2. Funny how this guy will take 10 minutes of talking then split the video into 3 videos to get views on each video haha.

  3. indians will always be terrified of a white girl with a gun..
    american history repeats itself..

  4. It’s good if they get on the scale on travel day if only to collect that data. We definitely need more research and info on what reasons primarily contribute to this problem of missing weight.

  5. This was the story of my life for Pop Parner or wrestling. The highest % I think I had to lose is 10 pounds in a day to get to 105 when I was 9. Working out in a sauna was how I would get it done. Wish I knew about the bathtub method then . I also wish I knew what a carbohydrate was back then too!

  6. Nicco is just not taking life seriously let alone the UFC. Life is a joke to her.

  7. One of the worst 'champions' to exist won her belt on a reality show then ducked bullet for a year

  8. 20lbs/145lbs = 14% of body weight. Twice as much as Chael's calculation. Pretty ridiculous stuff from Nicco.

  9. Bottom line she planned not to fight, Valentina was saying it from the start

  10. Chael, I love ya, can't wait for you to continue your undefeated HW streak against the Mad Russian, but your math needs some work. 20 pounds is 13.7 percent of 145… 7.25 is 145 divided by 20, which is not how you figure percentages…

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