Your Mom’s House Podcast – Ep. 462 w/ Bert Kreischer

On this very special episode of Your Mom’s House Podcast with Tom Segura and Christina P, we cover some very important and controversial topics. Is shaming one’s body unacceptable or is it good practice? Tom says it helped him a lot to get and stay healthy. What do you think? Then, we find a really neat and cool thing the Dinka tribe do to get cows to lactate and dye their hair red. Try It Out guy would love it.

Tom questions if he’s turning into his dad, Top Dog. He’s certainly getting pickier with customer service, waiting in lines, and airport service.At what age is it ok to start turning into your parent? We then go to the mommy dome and see if they can decode this six letters, hear an argument for Jenny being one of the worst people ever to Forrest Gump. Is Jenny a good person? Let us know.

Then, the very fat Bert Kreischer joins the mommies with some amazing stories. His new Netflix special “Secret Time” is out on Netflix on Aug. 24th (2018) and it’s hilarious. To celebrate, Tom had a bunch of promos made for the occasion from amazing animators and voice over artists. Is Bert finding a new lane in his comedy routine? Show he start working race into his act?


  1. Love the. podcast but it drives me nuts when Christina pathologizes everything, If I had to guess id say she's been in therapy for a long time based on this one thing alone.

  2. LA to SF is more like 7 hours. Driving fast is one thing but traffic is everywhere now. 5 hours isn't reasonable.

  3. Thanks for the IG update jeans! watched on twitch for the first time! All the love from this shitpig! <3

  4. Wow you can really appreciate just how big their studio is. They even managed to fit Bart into a camera frame!

  5. So glad to see Mom Segura, Christine “N-word” Pazsitsky, and Burnt Crystals back in the mommy dome!

  6. Important info for the "would you rather" bit about cows. They have one hole for both number one and number two.

  7. Do they talk about “front hole” lol the left don’t want the word vagina no more they want u to call it the front hole

  8. My jeans are high & tight, i have no neuropathy issues, & yes i tried it out but honestly fuck statbucks yall at the mcdonalds of coffe right now find a good homegrown coffee shop chains only hire burnouts

  9. Hi Jeans ! Water champ here keeping it High & Tight for the Mommies, BART Griswald is fat. Keeping it 4 Stroke as always anyways Try it out!

  10. Oh fuck no….not the fake alcoholic! This cunt's as genuine as a 3 dollar bill and about as funny as arse cancer.

  11. Wow I've never commented before before about the ymh podcast before but damn that song was lit at the beginning about bart crystals being fat thumbs up if you agree

  12. Please provide us with a Crazy Locs cameo in your inevitable TV show. You cant forget the real ones 💪

  13. Winners spot flaws in everything.Not to be assholes but to champion everything.

  14. Omg 2 of the fattest best friends busting balls! So funny/ so fat.. not overweight! Fat fat funny time!

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