Your Mom’s House Podcast – Ep. 461 w/ Brad Williams

This episode of Your Mom’s House is truly… amaze. Before our guest, Brad Williams (About Last Night Podcast), joins the mommies, Tom Segura and Christina P run through a couple topics. Like this dad who can barely get through a joke and reminds a lot of us of Top Dog. Then the mommies get onto Tiger Woods and how crazy his life is to be as successful and dominant as him at golf, but still meet up with ladies of the night at hotels.

That brings Tom to a thought about what Casey Anthony and OJ Simpson’s passion look like. respectively. Do they make crazy confessions at the climax? Why is Tom laughing so hard? After settling down, the mommies get onto a “Would You Rather” where you have to choose between sating Forrest Gump or Slingblade. Is it morally reprehensible? Is Jenny a complete piece of garbage?

Then the mommies get into bad dates and unwanted suitors. Tom talks about the lady who aggressively picked him up in a dimly-lit bar only for Tom to be too nice to end the date early. What would you have done? Then there was that girl that Tom never called back during Summer which made her hate him. Then Christina shares a short-lived romance dating someone with a gigantic language barrier. Turns out she still checks in with him every once in a while. Should Tom be worried? Also, puke clips!

Then Brad Williams joins the Mommy Dome to talk about hoarders, casting movies with people on the sexual spectrum, like Scarlett Johansson who received so much backlash for considering a movie role, she had to back out. How does Brad feel about able bodied actors being cast as dwarves in Lord of the Rings? He then sheds a lot of light on dealing with his dwarfism, in terms of people approaching him on the street or heckling him on stage.

That leads the topic of discussion to Hungary leading the way in abolishing gender studies, animal protestors protesting a vegan shop, questions about how to raise a dog from a Spanish neighborhood, people talking on speaker phones.


  1. Saatva matresses gave me back problems. Their removal teams were unprofessional, and their service sucks. Don't ever use.

  2. FTG=Faggot RTD=Retarded me and my best friend no bullshit have been texting this to each other for 5 years because were both faggot retards 🙂

    Anyone wanna buy my 2009 Chevele suburban?

  3. Tom’s thoughts were so loud when he was talking about having a pitbull & his head about blew up when he said he was walking the dog LMAO Tom you about lost your shit

  4. Call me crazy toms oj and especially Casey Anthony stories had me crying laughing

  5. lmao Ive been arguing to my friends for MONTHS that Forrest Gump wouldnt be able to be made in this pussy ass world we live in now lol

  6. Is it just me or Tommy's description of Casey going down on you… If I wasn't at the laundry I'd have came in 4strokes.

  7. guest starring Brad Williams and special guest starring a big ass cobweb in front of the camera 😀

  8. I can't tell if they are being serious about having sex with retarded people.

  9. Dad boner: Why the big paws?

    Tom boner: I killed my fucking daughter

    I mean this is why we're here

  10. Σ(⊙▽⊙") Christina for God's sake keep him the fuck away from the baby! 😂

  11. Brad is so fuckin funny, especially roasting that creepy make ya cum guy

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