Your Mom’s House Podcast – Ep. 460 w/ Matt Braunger

This week, Tom Segura and Christina P invite over Matt Braunger to the mommy dome! But before he arrives, the mommies cover some very important topics, like are you ever in enough grief to justify uploading an interpretive dance to YouTube? Is there balance in the world? Why do people talk on speaker phone in public?

They also find a video of this super smart juggalo who asks some really huge questions of culture. Do you have the answers? Then one of our favorite friends of the show pops back on our radar… Dan Peña! We want him to have his own TV show with zero censorship because he’s actually a hilarious dude that might have insight on making you a better person.

Then our guest arrives, Matt Braunger! He’s been on the show many times and has officially been in ever studio the podcast has occupied (which is quite a few)! They discuss anything and everything on their minds: the showbiz of standup comedy and what comedians have to deal with, what Lung Infection guy is up to, what the other creep who’s tired of dating is up to, and who the real lunatic is during a dispute at Whole Foods!


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