What’s the Better Story: Nick Newell or Greg Hardy?

Brendan rants on the UFC passing on Nick Newell while choosing to promote Greg Hardy.

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  1. Nick Newell lost and Hardys won both his fights course the ufc is going to promote hardy. Love how Brendan says about Newell being in wsof but when other fighters like Justin gaethje and Marlon moraes come into the ufc, Brendan says the talent in wsof isn't as good but now all of a sudden the talent is good now? Sounds like Brendan saying crazy shit for views. I found his podcast good but over the last few months it's gotten awful.

  2. Somebody tell me how cm punk deserves a contract and nick newell doesn't? Give me a answer to that bullshit.

  3. Dana saying that he's worried about nick newell getting knocked out is fuckin ridiculous. He started the term "finishing" a fight but now all of a sudden hes worried about nick newell? Shut your fuckin hole your fat bald fuck. Its unbelievable. The guy fights for a living with one fuckin arm if he doesnt deserve a contract NOBODY deserves a contract! Especially cm punks JOKE ASS!!!

  4. Neither One. I dont want to see newell get destroeyd and feel bad about him like the gaethje fight. Imagine him taking brain damage from the top ten guys in Lightweight

  5. This dude still can't speak english. He actually just said "To highlight a gay like Greg Hardy." How this guy gets work is beyond me.

  6. I can't wait to hear this same rant in next week's episode also!

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