TJ Dillashaw and Henry Cejudo are both calling for a fight…


  1. Cejudo acting like DJ didn’t knock him out or beat him twice

  2. Chael

    Belts perception is the issue.

    When someone retires or leaves(aka retires), retires their belt; & a new belt is up for grabs between top 2 fighters in line, or a play off bracket of top fighters in division.

    Really the UFC needs to evolve, & do like other sports, for better understanding of the "Active Champ or Belt," is the Champ until defeated or quits; basucally same concepts will be used, but works different because is a ever lasting team vs mortal being, makes different results in designed system.

  3. Cejudo was never gonna medal at the Olympics. Mighty mouse was supposed to kill cejudo. Tj is supposed to kill cejudo. Easy to say, we'll have to see one thing for certain is cejudos life has been built on defying odds.

  4. i dont have a problem with superfights and i dont think you should automatically get stripped when moving up/down for the fight. but there should be the condition that you have to defend any belt at least every 6 month. so you take the fight and maybe even win it but you are injured so you cant defend one of your titles until the deadline you get stripped of that one… simple as that.
    i think that should be condition for every champion regardless of title fights

  5. Solution:

    In the event of a super-fight, there needs to be a fight within 6 months in one’s own division (regardless of injury) else you’re stripped. That way, you still have two champions going into it and there is insurance for title defense/keeps a division from grinding to a halt.

  6. I mean, TJ will win that fight most likely it just depends if it's at 125. If it's at 125, that's better. TJ wins the 125 pound belt, DJ then fights TJ. That's more fun.

  7. as much as it was nice to see Cejudo win, I just don’t think he’s done enough to become a double champ so if it happens then it should be at 125

  8. TJ needs to fight Dominick Cruz next. Hes a legit #1 contender and he already beat TJ. TJ is doing everything he can to avoid Cruz. Cejudo still needs to establish himself as the flyweight champion. I like Cejudo, but i cant say i agreed that he should of won that decision.

  9. I understand Cejudo being a big 125 pounder and could easily make 135. But idk man. TJ is a fucking cobra. A killer. And I see his hand getting raised.

  10. Before you fight for a double belt one should enforce his or her will on the current division they are in

  11. TJ wants another belt. He’s defended his title. You can’t challenge for someone else’s if you haven’t defended yours. Cejudo just being a bitch trying to get what he can while he can…

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