Theo Von’s Different Hats Moment – JRE Toon


  1. Glad we finally gettin some Theotoons. He's Joey Diaz/Neil Tyson-level guest quality.

  2. I was listening to this while driving on a mountain range road in the rain. When Theo started talking about the top-hat I was laughing so hard that if I died on that road – I wouldn't have given a fuck because if my destiny was to drive off a cliff laughing to an image of Theo Von and Joe Rogan then so-fucken-be it

  3. The priesthood of most religions wear special hats. Could those be hell-proof hats for jacking off?

  4. I listened to this full ep and I thought thru the first 5 seconds of this is was going to be the full story of Theo creeping down to the fridge while the dad was rubbing one out at the comp. I think that would've been a better comic. But this was still good. Theo tell's the best stories.

  5. Please more animation of Theo von. Maybe the time he almost ate Ben inside of Best Buy.

  6. who the fuck wears a coon hat in general, a coon hat backwards and a coon hat backwards specifically while masturbating?

  7. What are your thoughts about companies like Idoser providing the binaural brainwave stimulation services?

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