The MMA Beat: Episode 200


  1. If Henderson who finds a way to be DJ then that TJ fights off so I think it's stupid for the UFC to not pay dj ..

  2. This Brian dude is great! But Danny…Mmmm. Maybe he should just go off and smoke some crack… oh Danny boy, The pipes, the pipes are calling!

  3. Weight cutting is the biggest BS out there. Kevin Lee saying that someone is going to die -SO WHAT! It's their own damn fault. Nobody asks a fighter to cut 40lbs for a fight. If a fighter weighs 190lbs he should fight at 185lbs or if the cut isn't bad 170lbs. There are fighters that cut to 155lbs. Making a new 165lb weight division isn't going to change much. It may help the fighters that had a tough 155lb weight cut -BUT – Fighters that used to cut to 170lbs will now cut more weight to get that advantage and fight at both 175 and 165lbs. Someone like Tyron Woodley.

  4. I think the MEDIA is a hype machine for Conor, especially Ariel Helwani. Why is Conor called the best? He beat 1 lightweight in his UFC CAREER. As a welterweight he's 1-1 losing and winning to a below average welterweight. He did good at featherweight, but besides title fights has never fought a top #6 fighter or better. So the gift of gab and being able to sell makes a fighter the best. So can someone please answer this question: So why is Conor considered one of the best PFP & lightweights in the UFC and why is he ranked #1 especially considering that he hasn't fought in almost 2 years?

  5. 2 million ppv will NEVER happen in the free streaming era.
    Try something like..what it should be subtract 50% for 18-35 y.o. Stealing.
    A 1 million ppv buy in todays market, is equal to a 2 million buy circa 2010.
    Hell, a 1 million ppv may never happen again. This fight will show us the ceiling.

  6. Conor vs Khabib in NY makes all the sense in the world!
    The city is part (large part) of the story line! Come on Dana

  7. "You're white, I know that." ahahaha solid burn from LT on the annoying new guy.

  8. The new guy talks a bit too much. Tone it down a bit and I think he’ll fit well

  9. Brian campbell might just have earned himself a permanent spot at the table. he's rash, enthusiastic, very outspoken and opinionated. controversial views, not afraid of confrontation. adds an extra element to the panel

  10. This new dude might possibly replace the void of the goat Jeff. He might possibly move my needle down the line.

  11. I'm glad they are not separating After the Beat anymore so we don't have to wait several hours after for it to post to YouTube

  12. The UFC should NOT give Conor a title shot. Have him fight either Ferguson, Barboza, or Kevin Lee. Lee or Tony would sell more. The UFC won't make that much more money. Khabib would then fight Poirier. This also makes sense. The UFC must go back to giving fighters that EARNED a title shot one. Conor hasn't eared one. In fact he did everything that he could not to defend the belt. Is Conor good? Yes! Is he the best lightweight? No. He is 1-0 as a lightweight and he never fought in the UFC at that weight to earn that title shot. He didn't have to go through fighters like Nate Diaz, Tony Ferguson, Kevin Lee, Anthony Pettis, Al Iaquinta, or James Vick. How is he the #1 ranked lightweight with only 1 fight? WHAT BS!

  13. keep the new guy and have that girl phoenix replace danny……new a team

  14. I think the reason why cormier vs miocic didn't do that well is that it wasn't a grudge match! People love drama, which is why conor sells so many ppvs!

  15. The UFC needs to just can the 125lb division, nobody cares about this Cejudo match & nobody wants to see DJ fight Pettis who's on a 1 fight winstreak next. Move up or retire.

  16. i laughed harder at the "son of a bethe correia" pun then I should have lol. Really liking the new guy, now just swap danny dor shaun and this teams perfect.

  17. "TJ Dillashaw is a very skilled guy but he hasn't had the wins to legitimise his career" Might just be the dumbest thing ever said on this show.

  18. Anyone know Luke's paypal address? I want to send him a few bucks so he can buy some new shirts. Shameful.

  19. Give Danny a hike already… Ariel's out so take care of these guys….this show was full of energy.

  20. Gotta admit the new guy is funny and interesting with his different views.

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