The Hippie And The Chimp Moment – JRE Toon


  1. Oh yeah, monkey rapes frog, heard about it from sleepycast

  2. My life would be complete if a chimp smoked a joint with me… And also handed it back that'd be a complete fucking life

  3. Im scared to look up the video of the chimp fucking a frog so im trying to imagine it and its just horrible lol.

  4. I like to think that the monoliths that the chimps touched in 2001 a space odyssey was a metaphor for a joint.

  5. Growing up I had a next door neighbour whose parents ran an animal sanctuary. They had a ringtailed lemur who got in on joint rotation. But don't give a lemur any alcohol. The lemur sipped on a shot of Jack Daniels and got really violent quick. Grabbing him by the collar and snatching the joint. True story. πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

  6. Do you think it would be possible for a dolphin to hit a joint, if per say the said joint was large enough for said dolphin to fit it in its blow hole?

    Asking for a friend

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