The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 389: Andrew Santino


  1. Their show is so much better when they have a good guest on like this one.

  2. Man is it just me or does it seem like Brendan should be way more respectful of Bryan in almost every way lol. The only things he does better is dressing like a sodomized Italian mechanic and mma.

  3. …the making it in Hollywood game, seems to me, the gatekeepers, studio execs, powers that be..they pick a handful of people, based on a criteria we don't know, and put them in multiple movies, just to create familiarity and repeat ticket sales. so let's say The Rock, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, TJ Miller, Kevin Hart..they rotate these same people all year in multiple movies, its exhausting, and I can't imagine how frustrating it is for people auditioning for these roles, with no shot, because they aren't in the chosen like to know the requirements..sometimes its a gay club hookup, but with these, it seems so random,
    how can you play the game, if you don't know their true criteria, nor the cheat code to join the club

  4. Santino is KILLING it and I'm only 15 mins in. He is a serious contender for GOTY

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