The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 388


  1. The same people who so quickly forgot about the war criminals in the Bush 2 administration including the man in charge and his right hand hog.
    Now Bush is a-ok because he disapproves of Trump, and is a giggly old man who looks like he walks puppies all day long.
    McCain, over and over again voted against anything that would help the military when it came to salary and benefits for the individuals and families. But when it came to money to further inflate the military’s power, he threw all of his support behind it.
    Over and over I hear people who are in favor of free college and health care being asked where the money is going to come from. Never have I heard that question when it comes to war budgets. Votes passed every time. Warmonger.

  2. Brandon is a self proclaimed care freak yet doesn't know Volkswagen owns Bugatti… Nailed it!

  3. jeeeeeeez i almost had to stop watching, someone plz tell shaub its rude to interrupt

  4. Who else thinks Tiger Schaub looks just a wee bit retarded? Wonder where he gets it.

  5. Didnt you just talk about how you can fuck any front page model if u want then today that girl isn't showing up which one is it?

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