The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 386


  1. Chin ! You have one of the best jobs in the world, listening to these 2 shoot the shit…. priceless

  2. brendan i dont think you know sports, cause I watched the spotlight things from espy, and what a load of shit it was. its just kobe saying what he would have done. sometimes to people who dont have his skills to even do what he does.

  3. Brendan in this episode “Nickleback should be more celebrated and Madonna is overrated..” 😆😅 da hell

  4. Every time Brendan turns his head I swear I think he's a jew…his gel'd up hair piece makes it look like he has a Yamaka on his head.

  5. not to be a hater but 47:15 are we really excited about the mtv music video awards? Are we in 5th grade? WTFack man Heavyweight UFC fighter, in to the dumbest shit ever tigh jeans and celebs.. btw I love Brendan Schabe, even though he won't read this and have his brother filter thru all the negative msgs. lol jk

  6. Schaubs a fucking loser bro! He would be holding mitts in a gym if Rogan didn't co-sign him…He is trying to tell Dana who has a net worth of 500 million how to run the UFC ! Always be riding Rogans wave! Piece of shit Schaub! We all know you take it in your bleached asshole ever since you went Hollywood with your skinny jeans and leg crossing, talking about Luke Rockhold how hot he is, Alan Jouban is first team dimepiece WTF, We all know about you, you been taking hot loadz on your back and in your Mexican asshole ! I hope your kid gets aids you goofy fuck!

  7. Monster hat on BTB, now a shirt on tfatk? Brendan still pulling those sponsazzz son. Get in there!!!

  8. Hey Bry, how about ya NEVER open up the show again with "I've been shooting school" old geezer 😂😂😂

  9. Brendan has no problem talking about Asians but once it come to black people everything start with , African American…

  10. An angel shows up at Chin's door and I don't know she just wasn't for me…but Chin she has your name written on her forehead

  11. "Same old story , same old story some old cock and sooong my friend"-Aerosmith. That's the first thing I thought of when Brian said they are there for cock and song.

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