The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 385


  1. anyone’s who’s watched it all already, how annoying is down syndrome brown in this one? the major comedian

    “bert is one of the funniest men on the planet”

  2. As big and tough as you and your scared of​ your own shadow,,, there's a bigger jungle coming buddy, learn your *boy some balls by you not teaching him. . . it's not about big muscle it's a lot deeper..
    Tinman Bigfoot Tracker Channel Canada British Columbia BC.

  3. Hey guys come on Brendan is a serious actor he is staring in the "Tax Collector." Rumor is its gonna be the next Pulp Fiction. Brendan is the next Samual L and if you disagree your just a cheeto-fingered fat slob who masturbates to chronic traumatic brain injuries

  4. I'm pretty sure Brendan's played catcher for lots of guys.

  5. Bryan please talk to Schaub, he’s a lost puppy who needs the guidance from sensei

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