The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 384


  1. police patted someone down for speeding? yes, hard job breaking the law and simple constitutional rights that individuals hard. That blue line is B.s.

  2. This just shows me Brenda is only about her self. She ain't loyal to no1. Dana was right she is a tool and JR carries her for sure. JR opened all the doors for Brenda and she still fucking up

  3. I liked the Tony episode. but schaub has been getting extra annoying recently.

  4. Brendan “I don’t remember the last time I was stung” Schaub. Yeah right dude, you living in a beehive.

  5. So…the podcast with kevin was bad, but this shit and the one with tony are their bread and butter? OK I'm officially a Bschaub Hater. This mumble mouthed, mouth breathing "I love documentaries" and watched the most non informative documentaries in the world, this guy is entertaining? Get the fuck out of here.

  6. Ermmmm the Brendan & Tony episode was wayyyyy worse, why doesn’t Bryan ever say anything back to him? What a dick.

  7. those bareknuckle fights were actually pretty exciting. It was much more entertaining then most ufcs I've seen lately.

  8. The reason there’s Chinese everywhere is they want to get out of China and anywhere is better and they thrive

  9. 02:32 – Glance at this comment please Brendan..

    The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 383: Kevin Christy
    Likes : Dislikes – 954 : 319

    The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 382: Tony Hinchcliffe & Jeremiah Watkins
    Likes : Dislikes – 1.4k : 931


    EDIT: Just glaaaaaaaaaaance.

  10. Schaubs a tool, too big time to answer if he's available for a gig on camera, then he hears who else is on with Callen, Rogan, Von, D'elia and quickly back tracks, he's one smiley big headed piece of shit, the show is always and every time better without him. That Texas gun show thing he did with the gay ex army guys was fucking garbage.

  11. I'd also disagree that Bryan's podcast was worse or not entertaining or anything else. It was really interesting.

  12. I think the most plausible motive for JFK's assassination is that he was trying to put restrictions on the central bank.

  13. The kevin episode was one of the most interesting episodes of the year. Brendan and a large portion of the tfatk followers are just morons and cant hack any intellectual discussion

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