The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 381


  1. 25:00 theres trails that go in the grand canyon . Unless your on the tourist thing yeah you just look n leave

  2. I would never ever let my girl get fucked by another man that's disgusting lol

  3. Brendan’s outfit in the cowboy hat looks like the worst rhinestone cowboy everrrrrrrrr

  4. Added 3 minutes ago. 50+ comments already. Everyone should get at least five minutes in before shitting on Schaub.

  5. Schaub why TF is your wife not handling your son at a time like that. That's annoying to me that it's not annoying to you. To each their own but I don't want to hear you complain about being tired when it's avoidable af for the rest of the working parents

  6. Bryan "I wouldn't mind if a Maasai warrior fucked my wife and got her pregnant" Callen

  7. Only reason I can understand thumbs down for the video, is if Brendans TERRIBLE hs fashion pisses you off

  8. 23andme cannot detect native american Indians if it comes from the male side.

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