Stipe Miocic needs a strategy for the next phase of his career, and it’s on him to create one…


  1. Chael is wrong. Why wouldn't Blaydes call out Stipe? Blaydes isn't going to get the title shot but if he beats Stipe he will be fastracked to the title shot. It is a good career move and Chael knows this.

  2. Come on Chael…. he was interviewed after the fight because he got knocked out and then rained with punches. Everything else i agree on

  3. What happened to the UFC? I recognize Conor as a great fighter but it all seemed to go downhill with his meteoric rise.

  4. I love stipe but he dosen't have to much personality hes quite which isn't a bad thing but your in the entertainment industry

  5. I say Stipe calls out Brock Lesnar. Talk some mad shit to him and make Brock earn a title shot

  6. DC will vacate the belt when he retires after the Brock fight. Stipe will face the either Derrick Lewis or Curtis Blaydes for the belt. Wouldn't be surprised if we Gustafsson thrown in there.

  7. Stipe should try to get a fight with jones if he gets back before dc retires, or he should just wait and be a replacement for dc vs lesnar… he should fight for title anyway once dc retires

  8. Call some really creative , smart guy he knows from his past (aka me) .
    Lol Chael had throw that in there.

  9. he didnt stick, because he was not the "bad guy". the trend now seems to be the more awful you are the more fans love you. he needs to start lighting fires instead of putting them out!

  10. I don't think anyone currently in the HW division has much of a chance at getting a title shot anytime soon. DC will fight Brock next. If he loses which is unlikely he will retire but If he wins then i think he will try and get one last crack at Jon Jones but at HW this time for his retirement fight.

  11. There's nothing to promote here, Stipe is boring, uncharismatic, inarticulate, and got knocked out in 1 round by DC. He needs to sit on his ass until DC gets his payday against Brock

  12. Hell yea stipe looked good that knockout was a fluke but stipe was a man about it had had no excuses on why it happened I think if they ran that fight again we'd have a different outcome even thou DC is a bad ass dude stipe is one of the few cowboys left in the sport

  13. I'm a Chael fan but WTF…He needs to fucking move out of that fucking position with his legs prompt up on the table. Shoot at a different angle or get some different shit behind you…It's like watching a fucking picture video after video.

  14. I do agree, he is a living superhero and if you watched "backstage" or his RL clips he has a wicked sense of dark humor. He is not very good at selling though but hard to change who you are and force an image, few succeed in it .

  15. Stipe just needs to hang them up. He's in his 30's, has a family now, and is likely getting close to collecting pension from the US Fire Department. It has nothing to do with his ability, that's just how life goes. Do a movie, do a couple more Modelo commercials, and call it a day. He's done more in his life than most men.

  16. I really like Stipe so it was hard to see the luckiest fighter in the history of mma beat him for the belt. DC just loves them eye pokes don't he? He's the Ric Flair of UFC. Stipe will bounce back. He's defended the belt more than anyone else for a reason. Just sucks he won't get his deserved immediate title shot because of green pieces of paper.

  17. Does anyone else want Dana white forced out by the new owners in return for Chael “super self promotion” Sonnen!
    Dead serious.
    This guy would have the UFC running at another level, he is what they need to bring the UFC into the future.

  18. Stipe will be fine. He just took a knuckle deep eye poke, followed by an elbow. Anyone would have been beaten. I'm sure DC didn't plan that. It just happened.

  19. Stipe was the most DECORATED HEAVYWEIGHT OF ALL TIME?????? With only THREE TITLE DEFENSES???? hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahh. Nobody finds 3 title defenses as having the bar set low??? What does that say about the Heavyweight talent??? THREE title defenses signals greatest of ALLL TIME candidate??? hahahahahahahahahhahahahaha

  20. Watch the fight again, Cormier kept jamming his hands in Stipe's eyes, including right before he landed the knockout punch. He got away with it multiple times, it was not a legitimate win.

  21. DC got warned how many times? He eye poked how many times? In how long? 3 minutes. Oh ok lol DC is a fraud. He eye poked multiple times. He was striking as if his fingers were his fist, oh and the KO came right after the eye poke and on the same side, Stipe's  blind side. DC took notes from Stipe vs Struve.

  22. In Cleveland when we fall we get back and we don't give up! Stipe wants Cain whenever he is ready! That's what we want so Cain we respect you but you need to get ready for the 25th year anniversary

  23. Five finger pokes dc is a bitch coward. Stipe deserves a rematch and the first fight should b changed to a no contest. Fat fuck actually calls himself great. Pathetic. Fucking cry baby bitch. Go find your daddy dc.

  24. Stipe is an idiot. Journalists literally asked him like 5 times after the fight: "What's next for you?". And all he said was "I don't care, I'm going home to my wife". So maybe stop fighting if you don't care? Or stop acting like an aggrieved 4th-grader who thinks his he deservers more attention

  25. Mind is blown .. I just can't believe they were able to fit that entire bicep into the shot . I don't think people fully apprecaite what we are witnessing here . PEOPLE this is The largest arm in West Linn Oregon in one constant shot, single frame . This is history. Correct me if I'm wrong but pretty sure it's the first time they were able to squeeze all that testosterone into a single shot without photoshop or serious edits

  26. I haven't even watched the video yet but I couldn't agree more. Stipe complained about not being promoted as champ and now that he's not anymore people won't feel sorry for him trying to get his respect. Needs some marketing advice for sure.

  27. DC fights Brock and retires, Stipe vs winner of volkov/black beast for the championship.

  28. UFC is now a circus, it lost my respect as a fighting organization. everybody is excited for the juiced-up clown show and absolutely disrespects Stipe who is the greatest heavyweight champion this sport has known. Dirty SOBs

  29. Stipe needs to call out BONES JONES saying he'll do what D.C. couldn't and THEN you'll know who the heavyweight GOAT is…. and don't forget to change the batteries in your smoke detectors every six months.

  30. Chael is way better at analyzing MMA then that shill Rogan. “Ronda could beat most of the male 135ers and has such elite striking” LMAO

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