Joe Rogan Experience #1156 – Jimmy Dore


  1. Do people not realize that any of this, no matter who the guest is or what "wing" they support as well as Joes views and opinions are not the focus. It is discussion period. The fact the discussion is happening is what pisses everyone off. The smallest bit of whatever certain people hear is all there is and they are ready to turn the keys red hot. Learn to be objective, rational, and stop acting like someone shit in your cereal just because they like a different breakfast.

  2. Looks like I misjudged Jimmy Dore. Didn't think I'd agree with him on a lot of stuff, given all the nonsense I heard him said on The Young Turks. Not bad.

  3. Fucking hell the soy in this comment section is fucking overwhelming. So many cock and balls just dropping off. F

  4. What world am I living in when Jimmy Dore is making some sense to me and Joe Rogan could step in as an extra on The View

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