Joe Rogan Experience #1156 – Jimmy Dore


  1. What world am I living in when Jimmy Dore is making some sense to me and Joe Rogan could step in as an extra on The View

  2. Fucking hell the soy in this comment section is fucking overwhelming. So many cock and balls just dropping off. F

  3. Looks like I misjudged Jimmy Dore. Didn't think I'd agree with him on a lot of stuff, given all the nonsense I heard him said on The Young Turks. Not bad.

  4. Do people not realize that any of this, no matter who the guest is or what "wing" they support as well as Joes views and opinions are not the focus. It is discussion period. The fact the discussion is happening is what pisses everyone off. The smallest bit of whatever certain people hear is all there is and they are ready to turn the keys red hot. Learn to be objective, rational, and stop acting like someone shit in your cereal just because they like a different breakfast.

  5. I just don't understand this Jimmy Dore. He's against everybody except Putin, GOP and Trump. He's against Hillary Clinton. He's against Obama. He's against corporatist Bill Maher. He's against MSNBC. He's against CNN. He's against mainstream media. He's against the Democratic Party. He's urging Bernie Sanders to run independent if he loses the Democratic Primary. That's why I do believe that this Jimmy Dore mission is to divide the opposition and help Trump/Putin/GOP which made him more despicable. Talking as if everybody are corrupt except people like him who are themselves corrupt by prostituting themselves to an ideology of division.

  6. Alex Jones is a disinformation agent to associate alternative news with crazy people. He has acted like a loon on cable news and has no interest in truth.

  7. Joe, looks like you have a very one-sided position on Israel.
    It would be great if you could discuss this with someone who'll give you a different perspective.

  8. This is the best dialog I've seen in a long time. Hands down best podcast episode of the year.

  9. Joe "Alex Jones is a friend of mine" Rogan should do the right thing and bring him back on his podcast. Give the man his voice back.

  10. I'm very glad a left-wing figure is on the show! Just hearing my main man Noam Chomsky's name being mentioned several times makes me satisfied 🙂

    Good day to you all folks!

  11. This guy is so economically illiterate when he talks about socialism it's disgusting


    The above link is to a video by Brave New World, and it features another video by Atheism is unstoppable ( I can't find the original AIU video, it might be gone with his old deleted channel)

    Anyway it details how TYT, and Jimmy Dore in particular, directly inspired one of their fans to go out and kill some cops. Of course, TYT ignored the story

  13. I like the perspective brought here. Guy sounds like the real deal. Wrong about healthcare, but solid episode.

  14. The new infowars looks good….. Putin, Hillary , Saudi, War crimes , Israel, muller….. oh Glorious

  15. Bimbo Joe Roe:
    Jim, I understand 3.1M subs is attractive and you get the message out etc……..but Rogaine or Rogan or whatever is a male bimbo.
    "Well Putin's a bad guy right?"…….based on what Ro? That he shoots journalists…..oh you mean how he poisoned the Skripals based on 'highly likely' and the governments little chart of Russian intelligence behaviour with a few other equally evidence free cases now featured as factual examples of human right violations?
    Is he surrounding America with Nuclear weapons? Is he organizing regime changes or is he supporting constitutional governments?
    Are you going to mention the Ukraine a country who's constitutional government was toppled by the U.S in favour of a fascist one?
    Are you going to mention Crimea who held an election which U.S backed forces tried to disrupt and the Russians aided and which wanted to be part of Russia only to be called phony by the same country who tried to disrupt their election……the U.S?
    Is Putin backing a secular government in Syria which 80% of the electorate turned out to vote on and which 80% of those voted for or is he backing Libyan and Afghani jihadists trying to forcefully bring that government down and replace it with forcing women to cover up, leave work and prevent any girls over eight years of age from having an education? Which one is the bad guy backing?
    Did Putin lie about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction? Did bad guy Putin Drone 428 people in one month or was it good guy Obama…..the guy you can't help liking?
    Did Obama go around America on a monthly basis and talk regularly at schools and community centers?
    Is Putin backing a regime that actually shoots journalists, and medics openly on TV and whose soldiers have T-Shirts with a pregnant Palestinian woman in cross-hairs underlined by the caption,"One bullet, two kills"?
    Is Putin backing the same people he claimed to have committed an attack on his country and who stand for everything he's against?
    Is Putin backing a country who cuts people's heads off and stones unfaithful women to death while committing genocide in Yemen?
    Do you have any concept about what the truth or a bad guy really is you pumped up, venison eating bimbo?
    You've had Abby Martin and Jimmy Dore on your show, but you still play this mealy mouthed on all sides of every issue bimbo.

  16. Jimmy seems to be a man who wants things to be done the right way. He stands up for free speech and open dialogue even when the man undergoing corporate censorship is someone he hated enough to spit on, the man in question was being annoying. Mad respect for Jimmy Dore even though I disagree with him on a great many things!
    If you read this Jimmy, much love from a "Classical Liberal"! xxx

  17. Felt like the first story about the dog was a bullshit. However rest of the show was grouse. Sending love from Australia Joe.

  18. WTF! I watched Jimmy Dore (Show) yesterday and thought to myself: "It would be interesting to have Mr. Dore on the Joe Rogan Podcast". Well here he effin iiiis! O_o Now I'm gonna think about Phil Anselmo very hard- maybe it'll work a second time 😀

  19. Julian Assange is a hero there are not many who would stand up to the statist establishment and bare there secrets to all

  20. If Alex jones is so bad then what about "Coast to Coast" , "TYT", "Tin Foil Hat", and "The Onion"?

  21. I respect Jimmy a lot more for standing up for Alex Jones, even though he doesn’t like him. Shows his character

  22. At 59:00 What's happening is that corporate propagandists don't want their messages questioned by the average guys putting their opposition views on the internet.
    Big brother doesn't want to be questioned by the peons.

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