Joe Rogan Experience #1155 – Henry Rollins


  1. So one moment Henry Rollins is admitting to making life decisions based on immature childish thinking, but the next moment he is condescendingly explaining politics. Ladies and gentlemen, the state of the democratic party.

  2. I really hope he finds a friend in Joe Rogan.
    I got to see one of Henry's live talks in Gunnison, CO in the early 2000s. He was fantastic.

  3. Thanks rollins… hermits appreciate the GREAT HR……keep on keepin on….!!

  4. "Red and Blue, they're coming for you! Sirens revved, you're gonna be dead"

  5. I'm about as nervy as Rollins. I totally get it. I just need the discipline he has. If I wasn't 25, I'd LOVE to hang out with Rollins. Even if it was just doing nothing but listening to music.

  6. I love Henry Rollins w all my heart … but I cant agree with a lot of what he believes. Though I will say, as a celebrity entertainer, he handles himself VERY well..

  7. cant wait for joe to follow this up with another jordan-peterson-type brain buster

  8. Rollins and Rogan, same guy. They want to just be vanilla after all the shit they did…so sad. Rollins and Black Flag…..Rogan and MMA….now, just commentary vanilla. Yay for the people they host though!

  9. I wish Henry Rollins would stop telling everyone how young people feel.

  10. Hey! Bust your ass for a living. I do it everyday. Come out on one of my jobs, and you won't have that empty feeling no more.

  11. See Mom, real Punks grow up to be Grandpa's too. Never thought I would fucking see the day!!! Old man Rollins…Mean ass Punk crusader (check his old vids on you tube) thanks brother we are all getting old on the outside. Fuck yah… thanks

  12. I’m getting showtime just to watch this special! Love you Henry!

  13. Damn. I’ve been hooked on soda since I was a kid. I quit for awhile, but then got back on them. I bought 2 Mtn Dews tonight and now am watching this. Sick of feeling tired and sluggish. They’re poison.

  14. Liar, Henry Rollins was awesome, except his politics, never would have thought him a liberal, kinda ruins it now for me.

  15. henry needs to smoke weed its sad he thinks it would destroy him,it would also remove his black eyes of fear

  16. Is Rollins still big into lifting? Looks like he has lost a lot of muscle.

  17. All these people wondering where Elon Musk is and I’m still wondering when Lil B is gonna show up

  18. When did Henry Rollins become a beta male? and those creepy facial expressions….sad. Still an interesting guy though.

  19. It’s over joe! Pick a fucking side! I don’t care about 30 year old bounce house resistance!

  20. America would be far less of a an embarrassment on the world stage if we had more sensible white males like Rollins.

  21. I would like to thank Joe for getting me into hot yoga. It’s every bit as amazing as he says it is.

  22. Yeah like Henry Rollins is never said anything bad about Trump. What a hypocritical dumb fuck

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