Joe Rogan Experience #1154 – Doug Duren & Bryan Richards


  1. FYI Joe, I didn't get a notification of this when it was published. The only way I knew about it is I watched part of it earlier and went looking for it to finish.
    Thanks for another great show.

  2. This is why we have been deboning not eating organs no bone chops etc clean the glands and nodes from the meat.

  3. Im still going to hunt. Great Podcast and very informative….but hasnt changed my mind about hunting.

  4. This was very interesting. It was so cool hearing Bryan talking about these diseases.

  5. Please bring Alan Rockefeller on the podcast. Joe would love to pick his brain about mushrooms etc

  6. I definitely agree that CWD is something that could become a huge problem, but I also think that you can not write off a disease like EHD because depending on the area of the country you are in EHD is a huge problem where as CWD is hardly even known. I do not think you can blame hunters for focusing more on solving a problem that is destroying the dear population right now, compared to something that may be worse eventually but is not a real problem in their deer population right now. Hopefully a cure for both disease will be found.

  7. Joe just one more reason to come over to Australia and hunt man we're an island full of Dear Goat Pigs Camel and Asian Water Buffalo. Yeah snakes and spiders might kill you but if you have anti venom you'll be ticketybo!

  8. Loved the podcast. It is great to get public knowledge about a disease such as this. Also, I hope you get Alex Jones on the podcast soon after what happen to him. Even though we all don't agree with the things he said, none of the tech companies have shown any videos of him saying "hate speech". Remember when you left the comedy store because they didn't respect your freedom of speech? It's bull.

  9. What happens to ppl who go up to deer and pet them and play with one. Aren’t they at some risk of acquiring this.?

  10. i straightened up my posture just looking at Doug hunched over that microphone

  11. 5:00 It's sad that so many people, like myself, first heard of the actual name of Mad Cow Disease, called Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease, from Batman: Arkham Knight.

  12. The govt does not give a damn about the spread of any disease. They want this shit to spread. Facilitates their depopulation agenda. R u kidding me.?

  13. Bring Alex Jones on you sellout are you gonna defend free speech or have you got to comfortable with your liberal life style you fraud. LOL

  14. I'm sick and tired of Cuck Rogan using his podcast to discuss his own boring interests. What a complete waste of a once in a lifetime platform. Moronic Fool!!

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