Joe Rogan Experience #1153 – Macaulay Culkin


  1. Thank you, Mister Culkin, for all of the shit you put up with. I didn't know it was like that because I was a dumb kid watching your movies growing up. I'm glad that you are a happy, grounded person. Keep being you.

  2. I hate this guy. This is a prime example of not having ur kid be in the entertainment business…Fuckin weirdo

  3. I'm only thirty minutes in but I think Joe needs to let this boy chill in the tank for a while, he seems hopped up

  4. he does the pirates for the kids aswell lol, he also thinks and knows alot about the world, aka has perspective, that takes a toll on a guy that has some anxiety related problems an such

  5. The "Silver Spoons" theme song should be used everytime two rich Republican politicians are standing next to each other.

    "Here we are, face to face,
    a couple of silver spoons.
    Hoping to find, we're two of a kind…"

    I forget the rest.

  6. It was embarrassing watching Mac try and explain why having rats be attracted to cat piss would be good for the cats. Joe legit didn’t understand.

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