Joe Rogan Experience #1151 – Sean Carroll


  1. Listeners required. If you like electronic music have a listen you crazy sexy bastards.

  2. I posted something on one of Joe's videos that was about a hotly contested issue.
    Guy threatened to come beat me up and started quoting public details from my Facebook page, saying he would come fight me at my place of employment (which is an elementary school, mind you).
    YouTube commenters are nuts.

  3. Sean Carroll podcast has become my 2nd favorite podcast right now

  4. Youre not really telling me both of these guys actually believe that "Russian troll farms" are plotting against Americans then sitting back and going, "yeeeeeees, yesssssss very good" like some group of crazed super villains… and yes btw, the media is an enemy of the people now. This podcast brought to you by the CIA!

  5. The absolute state of JRE these days. Man this show has taken a turn for the worse. The Joe of old would laugh at this guy.
    "cosmologist"…… C'mon. You have changed so much man

  6. Most of the time when I comment on YouTube videos, it's to express support or appreciation to the creator of the video.

    But that's just me, a random YouTube commenter, for whatever that's worth.

  7. this episode rocks! i always love hearing sean carroll speak 😀 us youtube commenters arent that bad, joe. i usually just say 'great video & thanks'. joe, u gotta go on first we feast hot wings show once please

  8. You couldn't be more wrong with Trump and the media. I'm really getting sick of your shit Joe..

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