Joe Rogan Experience #1151 – Sean Carroll

Sean Carroll is a cosmologist and physics professor specializing in dark energy and general relativity. He is a research professor in the Department of Physics at the California Institute of Technology. Check out “Sean Carroll’s Mindscape Podcast” available on iTunes & Stitcher.


  1. You couldn't be more wrong with Trump and the media. I'm really getting sick of your shit Joe..

  2. this episode rocks! i always love hearing sean carroll speak 😀 us youtube commenters arent that bad, joe. i usually just say 'great video & thanks'. joe, u gotta go on first we feast hot wings show once please

  3. Most of the time when I comment on YouTube videos, it's to express support or appreciation to the creator of the video.

    But that's just me, a random YouTube commenter, for whatever that's worth.

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