Joe Rogan Experience #1150 – Felipe Esparza


  1. Joe: the U has a dick, and the other U has 2 dicks πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ fuckig joe

  2. You wake up in the morning and one thing that is always constant is that good old Joe Rogan would always have a new FREE 3 hour video up for you to enjoy. He is just relentless. Thank you Joe Rogan.

  3. So true… can survive the heat with nature like shade, water and nakedness lol cold requires so much man made energy . Promised land is where food grows year round πŸ˜‰

  4. Mate you paid for the wall in palestine how are you surprised by the mexican one

  5. when u have on a guy who happens to be Latino and the first thing u bring up is how u think we are being mean to Mexicans and how you think we shouldn't have borders I don't think u can call that anything but virtue signaling. Joe Rogan the most famous sjw in podcasting

  6. Joe "look at this language its crazy" Rogan. I got to say it seems quite a stupid thing to say as if english is supirior. I think it would be awesome to grow up speaking another language othed than english them having to emerse yourself and open your mind to a diferent culture and language its such an enriching experience. Joe makes himself out to be this enlightened person and yet je dismisses russian and chinese because they have funny looking letters. Most of what he says on his podcasts is dumb as fuck he has no original opinions or ideas. The only way he gets views is by having people who others find interesting but even then you still got to hear Joe talking dribble over them.

  7. Joe wasn't in the right vibe this time.This fool had some hilarious storied,but the ball was dropped! Can't be 100 all the time!

  8. Yo Joe, why don't you call Felipe a pussy to he's face? He's sat right there! You're always insinuating that vegans are pussys, shit talking vegans, but when one is sat their you aint got fucking nothing to say = PUSSY

  9. Humans have used walls to keep others out since we learned to build structures. Not weird to most people. Just the ones in bubbles…

  10. Yesterday, Joe mocks Sarah Palin for being stupid .Today, refers to Norway as "Norweigia" one of her famous quotes. LoL!

  11. @3:50 OK Joe, here is the thing. You are phrasing it as a 'racist' or 'culture' thing here to make your point which is really beneath you.
    1) Countries have borders for various GOOD reasons
    2) Having to catch, give a trial to and then send illegals back is expensive
    3) The Democrats want illegals in to boost their voting rolls(yes, they actually let them vote now in CA)
    4) The gang members who come across do not commit rape, sell drugs, traffic underage prostitution nor indoctrinate young men into their gangs in white neighborhoods, they are destroying the Latino communities at an alarming rate and commit 95% of their crimes IN THOSE COMMUNITIES.
    5) Heroin and Meth flow over the border and many illegals are forced to bring them over as part of their passage.
    6) Studies conducted figure roughly 60-80% of women brought across the border illegally are raped on passage.
    7) Illegal Immigrants cost California ~25 Billion annually. Approaching 200 Billion nationally.
    8) What is the plan, bring in unlimited people from South America and give them all this 'Free Healthcare' and 'Free Education through College' ?

    Please, stop this quivering-lip bleeding-heart garbage and ask yourself why any voter has the right to give away the US's wealth to criminals who enter illegally instead of our future generation(s)?

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