Fans need to demand a rematch between Henry Cejudo and Demetrious Johnson.


  1. DJ had 11 title defenses prior to losing to Henry, he will undoubtedly get a rematch whenever he's healthy and ready to fight.

  2. I think DJ deserves the rematch but the fan's don't want to see it DJ just gonna keep fight nobody's. at least Henry said he wanted to fight TJ right away Dj ran from TJ to long none of the fans even enjoy a DJ fight usually

  3. This is lowkey the best thing to happen to the 125lb division lol. Now we have some actual competition.

  4. Listen henry is going to lose the belt to TJ, then we're gonna get the fight everyone wanted to see……TJ vs DJ.

  5. DJ had 1.5x the strikes, 1.5x significant strikes and dominated the fight, yet lost.

    Nobody's outraged. The incorrect judges decision is just too unbelievable for even the biggest suckers to believe this script. This is why UFC is losing fans, we don't believe it's all on the up and up. Am I wrong?

  6. Close fight but the super fight between dj and tj was a factor in the decision how ever much gravity it held we will never know but i whole heartedly belive it.

  7. It makes sense, yes. But the second fight was boring and not the greatest flyweight we have ever seen

  8. DJ undoubtedly deserves a rematch; he just has to ask for it! First things first, though, Demetrious has a broken foot and a knee injury that he needs to recover from and if he can do that, he'll certainly have that rematch.

  9. UFC’s plan is that while Dj is injured, Tj will beat Henry, forcing Dj to fight Tj for his title back.

  10. wtf… he never saw DJ go through a tough fight before this one… someone refresh this guys memory about the Cruz fight

  11. Henry Cejudo vs. Dustin Ortiz is the rightful matchup before Deiveson Figueiredo possibly beats John Moraga, can't book a rematch if DJ is injured and hasn't called for it.
    The winner of Pettis vs. Formiga has a shout, but Joseph Benavidez is last fighter who beat Cejudo (although I thought Cejudo won that fight).

  12. No one really cares about the 125 division to demand a rematch wanna see Dj move up to 135

  13. He deserves it becomes of how dominant he was for so long but not because he got robbed with the decision. He definitely lost.

  14. DJ made it clear that he doesn't want to rematch yet until he recovers from his injuries. He also probably wants some time off to regather himself.

  15. I think he does deserve a rematch… but I don't really care to see that fight again.

    I thought the first one was boring( I seem to be in the extreme minority here). Neither guy seemed really interested in committing to anything.

    Meh… that division just needs some help.

  16. Chael Sonnen the only mma fighter you can hear talk about experience at a car dealership and would still be Entertaining

  17. Both said they're down for it. DJ is just hurt and doesn't want to risk anything, health first.

  18. Who gives a shit about 125. Almost every fight goes to decision. That fight was shit as well.

  19. Immediate rematches the person usually loses again. I think we should wait and see him fight someone else and then rematch

  20. Cejudo needs to defend his belt few times before thinking of a SUPER FIGHT.

  21. F3ck boring ass DJ. Cejudo got a rematch after 2.5 yrs. It's Henry "The Great's" time!!!

  22. Demetrius may want a break which is why he didn't ask for a rematch. I think kind of wanted it.

  23. Honestly, I get Chael's point, but I could go either way with it. If Henry fight's DJ great, if he moves up to fight Dillashaw also great. That said, would rather see Henry fight DJ again then any other 125er.

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