EPISODE 113: Summerslam 1997

1997 was one of the most important years in WWF history. We will examine the story lines like the USA-Canada angle of course but the real story is what is actually happening within the company. The WWF has greater attendance but ratings and PPV buys are down. We’re less than two months away from Vince McMahon coming to Bret to tell him, “I can’t afford your contract.” We know that the following month, Vince “found the money.” But how? We examine what changes the company made to cut costs and raise revenues, some that fans wouldn’t have ever even noticed. Of course at the end of this show, Bret would become champion. If he hadn’t, would the “screwjob” have ever happened three months later? Why did Vince still go with Bret as champion here? What were people saying about Shawn’s knee? What happened before, during, and after Owen piledrove Austin? Of course we examine the love heaped on Whitman for changing the tax situation in New Jersey for the WWF and the silly million dollar contest with calling fans live on the air. Join us on a “State of the WWF” for the Summer of 1997!

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