Congratulations Podcast w/ Chris D’Elia | EP80 – Prolonging The Brbr

It’s the 80th episode! On today’s show, Chris talks about ‘brbr’ and how long it should take to have sex. Also discussed: sex positions, Tom Cruise, stunts, poetry, auditioning, Las Vegas, Thunder Down Under, and ultimate frisbee. Plus, Chris answers a bunch questions from Twitter.

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  1. Waaa you're saying I don't give a fuck if tom cruise does his own stunts but you go on about like you care About not caring . You have me laughing so much. Cuda

  2. My boyfriend is ripped and you can't even tell until he takes his shirt off. I guess I liked fit guys 🤷

  3. I agree with some things he says, disagree with other things. I know nobody gives a shit, but ultimate frisbee IS more fun if you take it seriously. I can never stand people who don't want to compete, and just fuck around. I want you to try your best and then beat you. People that fuck around know what they're doing. It's not just fucking around, it's making themselves invulnerable in a way, that way when they get beat they can tell themselves "I wasn't even trying though". It's def a power move. That't why I make everyone play with a device rigged to their brain that can verify if they're actually trying their hardest, and if they don't, their head explodes. HAHA, No more cop outs now bitch.

  4. women come at 20 mins on ave so best push past 10 if you want the truth. 😉

  5. ya know how comedians have those pre-recorded sketches before they walk out on stage to do their special? Chris should do one like action packed but then for every stunt he's suddenly replaced by a black dude with the same clothes and a wig lol.

  6. Chris I hope you read the comments but your podcasts have me fucking rolling😂 I listen every Saturday at work to burn the time and have a great time and also sometimes me and friends friends listen when we’re on car rides and just laugh our asses off bro keep doing what you’re doing

  7. I used to have prolonged periods of sex but it made my balls ache to fuck. Fuck that shit, gorilla fuck em, skeet all over the place then bounce. Cheers.

  8. No reverse cowgirl…..fuck off I dont wanna go to cabin anymore, GahGoosh🖕

  9. Only time i fuck for a hour is when im on opiates but even then its not fun & after a while you just have to give up cuz you cant cum haha If i had the choice id like to just cum in 10 mins & be out but sometimes it dont work like that!

  10. I pretty much agree with the whole stunt thing. However, the only time where stunts are done by the actor are awesome is Jackie Chan. HANDS DOWN, coolest movies I've ever seen.

    Makes fights scenes much better if they know how to do it.

  11. Chris is a pretty cool dude and pretty funny, just seems like he likes to shit way too often on anyone who is outside of his standard deviation of what he considers normal. So what, the guy had sex for an hour, good for him, bragging about it I guess is the only thing I'm against here cuz it is kinda beta, but other than that seems not too crazy. There are other instances I can't name right now, but anytime Chris finds anyone doing something that in his mind he doesn't deem as normal, he just freaks out over it as if it will change anything, idk, seems kind of eccentric and not healthy for the mind.

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