Colby Covington Visits Donald Trump at White House | Luke Thomas

Colby Covington, the interim UFC welterweight champion, visited President Donald Trump at the White House this week. Covington visited the sitting President of the United States with UFC President Dana White. The Internet collectively lost its mind.

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  1. This is why the UFC is making a mistake not waiting on Colby to heal up before Woodley fights. There is such a great story to be told for Woodley/Colby

  2. Luke of course till is going to step in coby just had minor surgery. What is the big deal? He can have a shot when he is ready..

  3. Awful public stunt, even CNN got more retweets and I would get more retweets by writing shit like covfefe. Very sad.

  4. I'm not a fan of Colby mainly because having bodyguards around when he's a professional mma fighter kinda makes him look like a punk. I'm not really a Trump fan either, but there's one thing you can't deny. This was a brilliant move by the UFC and Colby Covington. At the same time, as you all pointed out, the UFC is missing out on a huge opportunity. Covington vs Woodley was the fight to make! Covington is absolutely the perfect fight for Tyron Woodley. Why they are going with Till is ridiculous and I hope it blows up in their face.

  5. Part of me is thinking UFC will give Colby a Nick Diaz money fight. It might not do Colby/Woodley numbers but damn that would be interesting

  6. Why is it any different than conor walking around with his interm belt saying it was the real belt.

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