BYM on Darren Till’s legacy comments and the life of a fighter

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and comedian Luis J Gomez got into an in depth discussion on Darren Tills comments about his focus on legacy and greatness taking priority over his family for the moment. The pair also discuss what it means to be a fighter and the sacrifices entailed.


  1. He said before that how much he loves her he was saying at the moment he is focused on his job

  2. Bare Your Marbles, Beat Your Meat, Bum Yogurt Milk, Boobs You've Met?, Bare Your Meat and so on.

  3. Well that’s how you achieve things in life, that’s how Till puts himself out there…

  4. Till is a savage. Dummies of course gonna read deep into this and act like he neglect his kids. Bisping 100% right on it being out of context.

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