Believe You Me w/Michael Bisping #075 FULL VIDEO – So Little Milk

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and stand-up comedian Luis J. Gomez discuss Bisping continuing to film in Rochester, the best hotel scam, UFC 227, Johnson vs Cejudo, being a good athlete vs being a good fighter, interest in the 125lb division, Dillashaw vs Garbrandt, Nurmagomedov’s videos of homeless people, Khabib vs Conor and whether it will be the biggest MMA fight in history, Till saying he doesn’t care about his baby, the life of a fighter and plenty more!


  1. Instagram is the one you want to be bigger on Mike. People are over twitter Insta has been the wave for a few years now

  2. last week louis
    UFC needs some stars it’s just not going nowhere
    this week
    There’s always going to be stars after Conor mcgregor, it’s doing just fine as it is

  3. Fuckin finally! I swear to god guys, if you dont start making this free of charge podcast a little more on time, Im gonna go buy a Rockhold shirt! Glad you guys are back.

  4. Mike!! Love the content but what happened to the show you were going to put on later in the week last week. Great podcast!

  5. Bisping would tear your ass up. Gomez does a couple push ups and is on Bisping level? Get lost!

  6. Listen guys I love this show but sort your shit out can't be putting shit like full video when it's not that's exactly the click bait Mike loves 😂, production team sort your nappers out please ✌🏼️

  7. We are expecting a first round KO from you, Luis. Don't let us down with a boring ass fight when you been training like Rocky

  8. Bisping, Come back! Give Luke Cockhold another KO. Im from New Zealand always been interested where your kickboxing tournament was here!

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