After The (MMA) Beat – Episode 201


  1. Luke actually called Warrior a mediocre movie….
    Luke, your career as a movie critic began and abruptly ended in that single comment. Smfh

  2. I am a hater and always will be but you guys wrecked it on that last hour and 45 minute show. I was impressed. I still think that Danny should be kept in the back of kitchen away from the people, the hat guy works with all dorky high school kids at the ringer and I'm quite sure that Luke asks his girl to pull HIS nipples during… you know, nookie 😉

  3. George Carlin had a joke about life is a series of dogs, one dies and you just go get another to deal with the grief. "give me sompin' bigger"
    same goes for women ripping your heart out.

  4. My fiancé loves MMA , way before Rousey.. one of the MANY REASONS she is my one&only

  5. That women segment was so painful…everyone’s so scared to say the most obvious reason they don’t watch combat sports

  6. @0:53 – I have to disagree with Luke there, he is often talking about how fighters are unwilling to take fights (playing hardball) and it's holding up divisions and contenders, but throw the name "Diaz" in there and it's the greatest circus on earth.

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